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About Silly Wee Films - media production company - HD film equipment Scotland

Silly Wee Films - Media Production Company

Silly Wee Films is a dynamic video production and film-making company based in Glasgow. It was created in 2005 by Fraser Coull to provide affordable, creative videos for a variety of clients.

Fraser graduated from James Watt College in 2005 with a qualification in Television Operations and Productions. 

From the experiences he gained he has progressed his writing, directing and producing on both personal and corporate projects. Fraser also successfully trained at the BBC studying the E-Force training course.

Since then it has progressed into a successful production company, looking after and managing corporate and promotional videos for various high-end companies.
Fraser still runs the company along with a series of collaborators continuing to work on corporate videos and feature film productions.

HD Video Equipment

Silly Wee Films uses the latest HD video equipment available, regularly shooting on the Sony WEX3 and we edit both on PCs and industry standard iMacs, ensuring the best quality for your video. 

When necessary we will rent in high quality lightning equipment to compliment our already extensive film and video production equipment including radio mics, boom mics, tracking systems, dollys, jibs and cranes.

Media Production Company

While Silly Wee Films is primarily run by Fraser, we work with a large number of filmmakers, writers, directors, makeup artists, camera operators, editors, composers, web designers, visual effects animators and sound recordists and technicians within Scotland and the rest of the UK.

No matter how big your video production dreams may be we can provide everything you need to make it possible within your budget.