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No Distractions - Short Film Online

No Distractions - short films online - Artist Media Ltd - Scottish films online

"No Distractions" is a collaboration between Silly Wee Films and Artist Media Ltd.

Produced and shot with the purpose of going online for the West End Film Festival in Glasgow and the Virgin Media Shorts Competition.

Starring Kenny Boyle and Clare Sheppard, the short film focuses on Steven, a young workaholic whose life is dull and boring until he takes the pleasure in watching his precious football.

His world seems to be brightening up until his noisy neighbor decides to listen to their music at what seems to be the loudest volume ever, distracting poor Steven, plunging his life back into darkness.

Watch the film below!

Duration: 2 minutes 20 seconds
Format: Full HD (1980x1080)
Shot: May 2010

Steven - Kenny Boyle
Jen - Clare Sheppard

Director/Writer - Fraser Coull
Camera/Editor - Simon Ferguson
Sound - Gregg Houston
Production Assistant - Ross Hardie
Special Thanks - Bethany Apedaile