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Visual Effects Scotland - Post Production Services

We can offer top range post production services in Scotland and the rest of the UK including video editing and special visual effects. If you already have footage that you would like edited and produced on to DVD.

Rather than spend hours importing and transferring hours of video on to your computer and edit them, why not let us worry about that for you. We have dedicated video editing suites and video editors who can take care of these services for you.

Silly Wee Films can offer cheap, high quality hi-definition editing services in Glasgow and the rest of the UK, to save you the time and hassle of editing your video. We have professional, experienced editors who are at hand to help edit your video.

Visual Effects Services

Whether it be special opening credits, creatures, explosions, or anything you can think of, we will be able to help you for an affordable price.

As well as providing visual effects we can also provide further post-production services including grading, colour correcting, sound design, sound correction and voice-over artists.

For more information please contact us.

Music Production for Film

Music in your film can make or break your project and is just as every bit important as every other aspect of your production. To use current or well-known pieces of music in your video requires a music license which can cost a lot of money, so we suggest that you allow us to choose Royalty Free music which will cost a fraction of a contemporary music license.

Alternatively we can contact one of our collaborators, each of which who are experienced TV and film composers, to score the music for your production. Our composer will work closely to the brief provided to ensure the highest quality of music for your video.

During the development stages of your video with Silly Wee Films we can plan and discuss your music production options to suit your budget.