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Silly Wee Films aims to produce high quality, original and dynamic short films on low budgets. With our short films we like to work with as many different people as possible in the UK to further the reputation of filmmaking in Scotland. We hope that one day they will be award winning short films.

To find out about our short films click on any of the photos below:

6th Sense 6th Sense (2013)
6th Sense is our entry into the Horror Channel UK's Shortcuts to Hell Competition. The rules were a total of 6 cast, 6 crew, 6 hours to shoot, 6 lines of dialogue and 3 minutes long! Freya wakes up after a house party has gone terribly wrong, and she's not alone...
The Interrogation The Interrogation (2013)
The Interrogation is our entry into the Virgin Media Shorts 2013. Williams (Simon Weir) pulls in Barry (Rhys Teare-Williams) for his monthly evaluation, but things don't look good for the young agent.
One Year Later Short Film One Year Later (2013)
One Year Later follows the story of David as he plans the perfect proposal to his girlfriend Katy, with the help of his older brother Steven... who is a ghost! Starring April Pearson (Skins, Tormented) and Simon Weir (River City, Highroad)
Cameron Stone - A Legendary Actor Cameron Stone: A Legendary Actor (2012)
Cameron Stone: A Legendary Actor is the latest short film by Silly Wee Films and Forrestfire Productions. Produced for the 48 hour film project in Glasgow 2012.
Late Nights - Comedy Short Film Late Nights (2011)
Late Nights is a comedy short film produced for the 48 Hour Film Project Glasgow 2011. Wrote, shot and edited within 48 hours, the movie sees Alice finding out her boyfriend Trey has been cheating on her. Leading to a hilarious showdown between Alice, Trey, Alice's angry Dad and their cleaner Norma Mackenzie.
No Distractions - Romantic Short Film No Distractions (2010)
No Distractions is a short film about Steven, a young workaholic who has no distractions from the boredom in his life, past beer and football. Yet it seems even his noisy neighbour won't let him enjoy even that.
Hush Short Film Hush (2010)
Hush follows the lives of Nancy and Sarah, two best friends who are two of the best spies in the business. Their friendship is tested as a hard decision has to be made in this short film which has no dialogue whatsoever.
I Heart You - Romantic Comedy Short Film I heart you (2010)
I heart you is a sweet romantic dark comedy following Chris' journey through the seven stages of grief when his long-term girlfriend dumps him. It's up to his best friend Mark to guide him through the memories and fantasies that built up Chris' relationship.
Scottish Thriller Short Film Two and a Half Minutes (2009)
Starring Colin McCredie (Taggart) and John Gaffney (Night is Day), Two and a Half Minutes focuses on Alex, a hard working family man who is put up for promotion at his company, only to be forced to make a difficult decision regarding his family.
Scottish Indie Web Series Night is Day (2007-2011)
An original 13-part sci-fi series split up over 2 seasons following the adventures of Jason Mackenzie (Chris Summers), a reluctant superhero in Glasgow, faced with saving the city from gangsters, demons, vampires and the evil Mr. Philips.
Scottish Black Comedy Short Film

Bottle (2005)
Student Alan (Ross Maxwell) arrives home from a party in hope for a relaxing day, only to be terrorised by an evil transporting bottle of juice!