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Actors Showreels and Professional Headshots Scotland

As an actor, you may require a showreel DVD of your work to supply to casting directors. Silly Wee Films can create an indexed portfolio of existing footage or stage and film scene excerpts, including an original soundtrack if required, to highlight a range of styles and range.

The show-reel DVD can also include a photo gallery, voice-reel and a copy of your CV, all of which can be updated regularly for a little cost.

We can provide the following showreel for actors:

Script services to write a scene(s) to show your acting range.
Filming specific scenes to add to your show-reel.
Editing the scenes into a show-reel.
Editing existing clips into your show-reel.
Professional headshots to be added to your show-reel DVD.

Our showreel productions are made to the highest quality and tailored to your needs.

Actors showreel packages designed to suit your needs

We can offer several packages for your acting showreel needs:

Acting Showreel Package 1:
We can edit your existing short films, feature films, monologue pieces into a 2-5 minute video, placed on a DVD for you to use.
A web-based version can be created for you to use online.

Acting Showreel Package 2:
You can provide us with three short scripts and we can film them for you
Edit them together to create your showreel

Acting Showreel Package 3:
With your suggestions we can write you three showreel scripts,
film them for you and edit them together.

Or, if none of these packages suit your specific requirements, just get in touch and we can create a package to suit your needs. If you require any more information please contact us.