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Video Production Terms and Conditions

While we endeavour to keep all the information on this website update and accurate please contact us for current prices or individual quotes.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is due at least 5 working days in advance of pre-production or filming.

Silly Wee Films will treat all confidential information with discretion, and this will not be passed outwith Silly Wee Films unless required by law. We will be happy to adhere to any Confidentiality Agreement required by the client for sensitive data.

Quotes are valid for one calendar month, unless requested otherwise by the client on initial contact. Once the deposit is paid the client has a maximum of 3 calendar months to set filming dates. The client will be sent regular reminders in order to confirm a date for filming the video.

Payment of the deposit indicates your acceptance of our terms and conditions as stated on this site, and as such a legal contract between Silly Wee Films and the client, confirming that both parties will work together to complete the project successfully in a timely manner.

Silly Wee Films works on a standard daily rate, regardless of how many hours are spent working on the project. Each day filming or recording voice-overs counts as a full day and will be charged as such.

Upon completion of filming the client has one calendar month to complete the video, otherwise additional charges will be applicable. An initial draft edit will be created as per the original brief. At this point, a digital copy of the footage will be provided for your approval of the edit. If further editing is required and the footage is available there will be no additional charge subject to a maximum of 1 revision (2 drafts total).

Once filming is complete you have 14 days to arrange a re-shoot. Dates for re-shoots will be negotiated depending on our availability. The standard rate for filming will be applicable for any additional footage required.

Once editing is complete on a video and approved by the client, we will send you a balance invoice which must be paid within 5 working days. Only once payment is received and clear will we release the video to you.

Payment of the balance invoice will be regarded as approval of the final product, and after this point Silly Wee Films cannot be held liable for any errors or any changes required. After the final balance has been paid, all original footage will be deleted unless otherwise negotiated, and no further edits can occur without additional filming. If you require copies of your video to be stored a fee will be arranged prior to filming.

We endeavour at all times to produce a video to your specifications as closely as possible. To facilitate this, we will liaise closely with you in advance of filming, and will expect you to make any specific requirements clear at this stage. Any deadlines should be mentioned in advance, and will be upheld by Silly Wee Films on the agreement that the client makes themselves reasonably available for filming and approval of the final video.

Copyright of the final video is transferred to the client once payment has been completed, however Silly Wee Films maintains the right to use footage from the final edit of each video on its website and as a promotional tool.

Silly Wee Films is under no liability for a failure to carry out services due to situations beyond our control, such as (but not limited to) Acts of God, fire, flood, war, failure of power supply or other similar matters. The client will be informed and can at that stage elect to discontinue services and pay for the work done and materials used up to that point.

Silly Wee Films will not be responsible, financially or otherwise, for any matters discussed outwith these terms and conditions.

If filming a live event, quality of the overall sound will be the responsibility of the client. We will advise on what might be possible and what we can achieve however arrangements must be made by the client in advance.

Please note - package prices are subject to change. Prior bookings will not be effected by this.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us to discuss them further.