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Two and a Half Minutes - Short Film

Two and a Half Minutes - Colin McCredie - drama short film - Scottish short

Two and a Half Minutes is the latest drama short film from Silly Wee Films, following on from "Night is Day: Dusk" and "Bottle".

Starring John Gaffney, who plays DCI Sloan in "Night is Day" and Colin McCredie, who is best known as DI Stuart Fraser on STV's long running drama series "Taggart", the story focuses on Alex, a hard working family man working at a large company ran by Mr. Wober (Tam Toye).

Alex is dissapointed when Bruce (Colin McCredie), the relatively new boy at the company, who he helped rise through the ranks, is put up for a lucrative promotion. However Alex discovers at the morning meeting that he is up for the same promotion.

After a brief heart to heart with Bruce, Alex leaves to meet his wife, when he meets the mysterious Nicholas (Chris Summers), who offers him a chance to secure his promotion. But how far will Alex go to get the promotion?

Duration: 8 minutes
Format: Hi-Def Mini DV
Premiere: 18th February 2009, The Arches, 7- 8.30pm
Watch: Click here to watch
Festivals: Leith Film Festival, 12th June 2009, 7-10pm

Alex - John Gaffney
Bruce - Colin McCredie
Nicholas - Chris Summers
Mr. Wober - Tam Toye
Alex's Wife - Natalie Clark
Alex's Daughter - Kelly Machin
Beautiful Woman in Car - Lauren Lamarr
Boardroom Members - Kai Young, Karen Bartke, Andrew McGeachie, John Love

Director/Writer - Fraser Coull
Producer - Kai Young
Director of Photography - Mike Webster
Assistant Director/Camera Operator - Matt Stephens
Sound Recordist - Ewan Stewart

Sound Assistant - Eileen Young
Production Assistant - Kelly Machin
Makeup Artists - Leeanne Wilson
Sound Engineer - Jack Ashley
Composer - Steve Dunster
Stills Photographer - Ian McFarlane